Siegbert Remberger is characterized by his will for absolute performance,
for utmost expression and technical superiority.
The guitar with its quality to reflect deep conflicts of soul comes alive in his
hands and seems to struggle to express itself in human language.
He presents himself as a musician of most subtle sophistication.

Bad Kissingen


He plays his guitar concentrated from head to toe. There is no doubt,
he is a brilliant guitarist who fills his audience with enthusiasm.



Mr. Remberger is a very gifted musician and a refined performer.

Alvaro Pierri, Canada


Siegbert Remberger can bring results of the highest artistic degree in an individual
facing his public, drawing from his „centre“ a perfectly conquered
coordination and a hightened and very poetic musical wisdom.
Therfore I warmly recommend Mr. Remberger to any concert association
or academic institution of the highest level.

Oscar Ghiglia, Italy